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Remote workforces.

Add tech ninjas to your remote workforce from anywhere in India.

We will take care of the rest.


We, you
& your team

We believe in building trusts, it builds a better company.

Telecommute Ninja makes it easier for you to get the best talents from India without worrying about the legal compliances.

Workforce Management

We take away from you the burden of managing your team in India.

We handle all, from taxation to health benefits offered to an employee.

We take care of all legal compliances so that your team member focuses on work, rather than managing pays.

Find Talents

Finding the right talent can be a cumbersome task, but we got you covered.

We can help you find the best talents in India.

Just share the details and we start to dig one that can efficiently work remotely and is well suited for the job.

One Contract

Working in India without a legal presence needs a contract with each of the talents you pick.

We act as a bridge so that you have one contract with us for all your team members in India.

We onboard them as our employee. 


Thomas Moore,


You made it really simple for us to manage our remote team in India, the best part was one contract and one payment to cover them all.


Peter Hug,

Warehouse Optimization 

From finding us the right talent to helping us manage them, you got us all covered. It was a great experience working with Telecommute Ninja.



India is transforming into the skill capital of the world.

Recent times have seen an immense need and importance of remote work culture and we are here to help and promote it in India.

We encourage global remote organizations to expand to India by taking care of all legal compliances for them and all tax compliances for their team.

Let's connect to discuss further.

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